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    1、 Application of precision belt products
    Stainless steel precision strip has been widely used in industry, civil and other sectors of national economy because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, processability, wear resistance and beautiful appearance. Moreover, with the progress of science and technology, the development of national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, its application fields are still expanding and extending, and it has spread all over the vigorously developed pillar industries such as aerospace, petrochemical, automobile, textile, electronics, home appliances, computer and precision machining, and the demand for products is also growing rapidly.
    1. Precision strip products for high-end industry: aerospace industry; petrochemical industry; it industry; medical equipment; instruments;
    2. Precision steel products for middle end industry: electronic information industry; home appliance industry; kitchen and dining table appliances; architectural decoration industry; hardware industry;
    3. Requirements for thickness and steel grades in various application fields.
    4. Performance and application of different steel grades for precision strip products.
    2、 Market analysis of precision belt in China
    1. Layout characteristics of domestic stainless steel precision strip industry
    China's stainless steel precision strip industry is concentrated in the eastern developed areas, especially in the Yangtze River Delta. Among them, the number of precision strip enterprises in Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang reached 8, accounting for 57% of the total number of precision strip enterprises. The other four enterprises are located in Beijing, Shandong, Liaoning and other economically developed regions. The precision steel strip project under construction in TISCO will also be put into production soon.
    2. Analysis of stainless steel precision strip supply (statistics only 0.5mm The following fine belt products)
    From 2005 to 2008, the production capacity and output of stainless steel precision strip in China have achieved rapid growth, and the average annual growth rate in four years is respectively 32.2% , 26.6% 。 The rapid growth of production capacity and output, on the one hand, reflects the high enthusiasm of investment in China's precision strip industry and the confidence of investors in the development of the industry; on the other hand, it also reflects the relatively strong downstream demand for precision strip in China.
    After the high leap forward growth in 2006, the production capacity and output growth of stainless steel precision strip in China slowed down in 2007 and 2008. The main reasons are: the manufacturing technology of precision strip is difficult, so it is necessary to explore and stabilize the production process, tap the production capacity; the shortage of senior technical personnel; and the impact of economic situation.
    From 2005 to 2008, the proportion of three specifications of precision steel strip to total output changes show that the thickness specifications are 0.1mm The growth rate of the following precision steel strips is obviously accelerating. This shows that the thinner the thickness specification of precision steel strip, the greater the added value, and the production enterprises have increased the production of thin specification precision steel strip. 2006 thickness Zero point three ~ 0.5mm The main reason for the increase in the proportion of output is that the new fine belt production line is mainly based on the production thickness specification Zero point three ~ 0.5mm Spermatophore is dominant. Although the thickness is 0.1mm The growth rate of the following fine belt is much higher than that of other specifications. However, the growth base is small, and the proportion of its output to the total output is limited.
    3. Overall demand of downstream industries of stainless steel precision strip
    According to the survey data, in 2008, the proportion of stainless steel precision strip entering the electronic information industry in China 33.2% , proportion of household appliances industry 14.3% , proportion of hardware industry 11.4% , proportion of mechanical equipment 11.1% , total consumption proportion of the top four industries 69.9% 。
    4. Development prospect of stainless steel precision strip
    (1) Development necessity of precision strip
    The need for economic restructuring. The development of precision steel strip can effectively promote the development of electronic information, precision machinery and instruments, aerospace and other high-tech industries, actively promote the integration of informatization and industrialization, and accelerate the adjustment of economic structure and the transformation of growth mode.
    The need of industrial structure adjustment. At present, the self-sufficiency rate of stainless steel precision strip in China is about 45%. A large amount of foreign exchange is needed for high-strength precision strip to be imported from abroad, and the development of high-strength precision strip in China is the top priority in the structural adjustment of steel products.
    The need to maintain stable economic growth. Precision steel strip is a high value-added product, which remains in the extremely depressed market in 2008 16.1% With the development of precision steel strip, the gross profit margin of the steel industry can improve its ability to resist market risks and maintain stable economic growth.
    (2) Feasibility of development of precision strip
    With the acceleration of economic restructuring, the development of high-tech industry and information industry has maintained a certain growth rate or even accelerated. These industries have a pulling effect on the demand for precision steel strip, and to a certain extent, increased the demand for precision steel strip. According to the growth expectation of the downstream main demand industries of stainless steel precision strip, there will be a large potential market demand for precision strip products due to the rapidly growing domestic demand of automobile and home appliance industries and the relevant policy subsidies provided by the state.
    (3) Risk analysis of technical barriers
    Due to the high technical barriers, high production technology requirements and low capacity utilization, stainless steel precision strip is difficult to solve in the short term. Especially the thickness 0.1mm At present, only a few domestic enterprises can produce the following high-strength alloy precision steel strips, such as stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, etc., and the production capacity has been insufficient. Due to the high technical barriers and the lack of senior technical talents in the industry, many advanced production equipment purchased by precision steel strip enterprises cannot improve the utilization rate of equipment rapidly. It takes a long adjustment process from initial production to stable quality, which will directly affect the enterprises to seize market opportunities and miss the profit week



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